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ıllıllı [ CHANGE LOG ] ıllıllı


Version 2.20, Major Upgrade
AudiophileOptimizer 2.20
- Enables WASAPI in Windows Server 2016 Core Mode
- Enables Kernel-Streaming in Windows Server 2016 Core Mode
- Enables WDM Drivers in Windows Server 2016 Core Mode
- Enables Sound Control Panel in Windows Server 2016 Core Mode (en-US only)
- Enables Device Manager in Windows Server 2016 Core Mode (en-US only)
- Enables RoonServer & RoonBridge in Windows Server 2016 Core Mode
- Enables TIDAL in Windows Server 2016 Core Mode
- Enables MMCSS in Windows Server 2016 Core Mode
- Support for Windows 10 Build 17134 (April 2018/Spring Creators Update)
- Support for Windows 10 Build 16299 (Fall Creators Update)
- Support for Windows 10 Build 15063 (Creators Update)
- AO disables automatic maintenance (Win10/Server 2016)
- Up to 14 more disabled services (All OS'es)
- Update of "Prepare Essentials Edition" feature for Windows Server 2016
- Minor changes and updates
- Ability to disable Cortana (Windows 10)
- Ability to remove Windows Defender (Windows Server 2016)
- Updated MediaPlayer support for Windows Server 2016 Core Mode
- Support for Windows Server 2016 RTM (Standard, Datacenter & Essentials)
- Support for Windows Server 2016 Evaluation (Standard, Datacenter & Essentials)
- Removed Support for Windows Server 2016 TP5 (Standard, Datacenter & Essentials)
- LockScreen disabled for Windows Server 2016
- ActionCenter disabled for Windows Server 2016

ServiceTool 2.20
- Support for Windows 10 Build 17134 (April 2018/Spring Creators Update)
- Support for Windows 10 Build 16299 (Fall Creators Update)
- Support for Windows 10 Build 15063 (Creators Update)
- Important update of the reset feature
- Update of js.cmd and jm.cmd (now exits back into command prompt)
- Reset does no longer disable network bridges
- Minor changes and updates
- Shell replacement for JRiver Media Center 23 & 24 (x86 & x64)
- Kodi Shell Replacement
- Alchemy Shell Replacement
- HQPlayer NAA Shell Replacement
- Roon and HQPlayer Shell Replacement
(starts Roon and HQPlayer together, detects x86/x64 HQP)
- RoonServer and HQPlayer Shell Replacement
(starts RoonServer and HQPlayer together, detects x86/x64 HQP)
- Support for Windows Server 2016 RTM & Evaluation
- Update of Windows Server 2016 WLAN support
- ST does not longer show option to switch modes in Windows Server 2016
(since Microsoft removed ability to do so)

Setup 2.20
- Enables Device Manager in Windows Server 2016 Core Mode (en-US only)
- Minor changes and updates
- Support for Windows 10 (RTM, Anniversary, Creators Update, Fall & April 2018 Update)
- Support for Windows Server 2016 RTM & Evaluation
- Update of the PDF Guide

Version 2.10

AudiophileOptimizer 2.10
- Update for Windows 10 Build 1067 (Anniversary Update)
- Dedicated update notification feature for beta versions of AO
- Several bugfixes for Chinese Windows 10
- Disable OneDrive/Defender also available in advanced mode
- Roon support question no longer asked if Roon Support is already installed
- Several cosmetics
- Minor Bugfixes

ServiceTool 2.10
- Update of DriverHelper
- Update of Shell Replacement for HQPlayer (new path)
- "Prepare Essentials Edition" feature visible again in ServiceTool
- Shell Replacement feature now offers two pages of shell replacements
- Added MediaMonkey shell replacement
- Added RoonBridge shell replacement
- Several bugfixes for Chinese Windows 10
- Several cosmetics

Setup 2.10
- Update of the PDF Guide
- Several cosmetics

Version 2.00, Major Upgrade
AudiophileOptimizer 2.00
- Anti-Spy Feature for Windows 10 (Disables Microsoft Telemetry...)
- Minor Bugfixes & Improvements
- WASAPI/MMCSS optimization for Windows 10
- LockScreen disabled for Windows 10
- ActionCenter disabled for Windows 10
- Support for Windows 10 Enterprise evaluation & LTSB versions
- Support for all Windows 10 K & N editions
- Support for Windows 10 Home Single Language Edition
- Support for Chinese Windows 10 Editions
- Express Mode no longer shows question about RDP and WinRM (all OS)
- WMI no longer stopped after running AO on Windows 10
- AO does no longer remove the icon of the volume control panel
- Several adjustments for Windows 10
- Enables MinimServer in core mode (Server 2012 R2)
- Enables Roon & RoonServer in minimal-server mode (incl. MP3)
  (without need to install Server Essentials Role and Media Pack)
- Added dedicated Roon support option
- Enables TIDAL in core and minimal-server mode (TIDAL 2016 Software)
- Improvements on Kernel-Streaming, WASAPI and MediaPlayer support (Server 2012 R2)
- Ability to disable Windows Defender (Windows 10 Pro & Enterprise)
- Ability to remove OneDrive (Windows 10 Pro & Enterprise)
- WMI no longer disabled when exiting AO directly after changing SS/DF (all OS)
- Fix for connection issues with SMB1 based NAS devices

ServiceTool 2.00:
- Minor Bugfixes
- UAC enabled after reset via ServiceTool
- No longer offers switch between modes if Windows 10 is detected
- Several adjustments for Windows 10
- Shell replacement for JRiver Media Center 21 & 22
- Shell replacement for MinimServer
- Shell replacement for Roon & RoonServer
- Shell replacement for muso
- Ability to strip down Windows 10 (remove all apps, optional features, etc.)
- Restore Windows 10 feature: Ability to reverse stripping Windows 10
- Restoring Service & driver state no longer possible if already done

Setup 2.00:
- Update of the PDF Guide
- Minor Bugfixes
- Several adjustments of the OS Checker module
- Several adjustments of Terms & Conditions message
- Update notification feature
- Several adjustments for Windows 10
- Adds Windows 10 God Mode to AO Tools Folder

Version 1.40
AudiophileOptimizer 1.40:
- Complete update of all Windows DLL's & SYS files (March 2015)
- Enables Bug head Emperor/Infinity Blade in core mode
- Enables MMCSS in core mode (Multimedia Class Scheduler)
- Enables Fidelizer Pro in core mode
- Enables HQPlayer in core mode
- Enables TIDAL in core mode
- Support for JPLAY 6.x
- Possibility to disable JPLAYStreamer Service via AO
- JPLAY Service no longer set to automatic start during optimization
- Short names now support capital letters (e.g. "ao -u" and "ao -U" )
- Display stand-by now also possible after 1 minute
- WMI Service not disabled after changing Sound Signature & Digital-Filters
- Better MediaPlayer support in core mode (oledlg.dll for 2012 & 2012 R2)
- AO disables Java Auto Update
- Small bug fixes & cosmetics

ServiceTool 1.60:
- New Diagnose Tool for easier support
- Update of the Compacting Feature
- Set Roon as shell
- Set Bug head Emperor/Infinity Blade as shell
- Set Fidelizer Pro as Shell
- Set TIDAL as Shell
- Set HQPlayer as Shell
- Firewall Service no longer set to automatic start after reset via ServiceTool
- A few cosmetics

Setup 1.40:
- Various Updates
- Start JPLAYmini from any path by typing "jm" and enter
- Better support for Compacting Feature
  (enables NTFS compression on first run of the new Compacting Feature)

Version 1.30, Major Upgrade

AudiophileOptimizer 1.30:
- AO now offers Express, Advanced & Ultimate mode
- AO shows recommendations for HPET, SEHOP, WASAPI/MMCSS, USB, SPPSVC, etc.
- AO can generate a settings log file (start AO using parameter -l)
- AO can start directly in ultimate mode (start AO using parameter -u)
- AO can start directly in express mode (start AO using parameter -e)
- AO can show usage type menu on demand (start AO using parameter -ut)
- Several improvements, further harmonizing and a few bug fixes
- Disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security for admins & users via AO
  (no more need to do this manually during windows setup)
- Disable SmartScreen Filter via AO
  (no more need to do this manually during windows setup)
- Disable Software Protection Service via AO (available only for retail &
  MSDN versions of Server 2012/R2, only in core and minimal-server mode)
- Disable/enable Structured Exception Handling Overwrite Protection (SEHOP)
- Disable SCSI-MiniPort Drivers via AO (additional 30 drivers disabled)
- Disable USB 3 Link Power Management via AO
- Disable Drivers & Services now disables even more drivers/services
- Disable network related services also disables more drivers/services
- AO re-enables JRiver Media Center 20 in core mode (MC20 higher than 20.0.14)
- AO let you choose the stand-by behaviour of your monitor
- AO doesn't exit into black screen anymore after selecting Sound-Signatures
  and Digital-Filter in core mode and choose to exit instead of continue
- Activation-Keys use new algorithm, old Keys won't work on 1.30 and up
- Five new Activation-Keys for AO 1.30 and up included (separate counter)

ServiceTool 1.50:
- ServiceTool now offers a "DriverHelper" (Replacement for install.cmd)
- ServiceTool's Driver Helper can also enable/disable Test Signing
- ServiceTool now offers Component Store Corruption Repair
- Support for JRiver Media Center 20 (shell replacement via ServiceTool)
- Short names to start AudiophileOptimizer and ServiceTool (ao.cmd and st.cmd)
  from any path/location (by typing "ao" or "st" and press enter)
- Short name to start JPLAYSettings from any location/path (js.cmd)
  (Start JPLAYSettings from any path by typing "js" and enter)
- Short names pass parameters (examples: "st -r", "ao -u", "ao -e" etc)

Setup 1.30:
- Setup applies Highend-AudioPC Wallpaper for 2012 or 2012 R2 (applied only once)
- Setup now also has OS-Checker (this will prevent wasted Activation-Keys)
- Setup now also has Downgrade-Protection like AO
- Setup creates a shortcut for Internet Explorer on desktop
- Setup deletes outdated PDF guides in AO directory
- Setup creates path variable for JPLAY (only if JPLAY is installed)
- Big update of the PDF guide

Version 1.26
- Harmonizing of AudiohpileOptimizer, ServiceTool & Setup
- MMCSS/WASAPI optimization is now optional, better settings (relevant for SQ)
- No WASAPI/MMCSS Optimization in core mode (since useless)
- Express Mode (AudioPC) now uses 4D as default SS/DF (instead of 1B)
  (Express Mode (ControlPC/SinglePC) still uses 1B as default SS/DF)
- JPLAY detector (If JPLAY service doesn't run, usage type will be SinglePC)
- Upgrade detector for setup.exe (install or upgrade AO)
- Setup.exe will automatically do a reset via ServiceTool in upgrade mode
- ServiceTool will do a reset if started with parameter "-r"
- Switching to core mode will always restore default shell (command prompt)
- All shell replacements no longer hardcoded to C:\
- Shell replacement for JRiver 17,18 &19 combined in one function
- Shell Replacement for Qobuz Desktop
- Shell Replacement for WiMP
- Setup.exe now has detection and better handling of path variable
- Added AO\Tools to path variable
- Update of Essentials preparation mode

Version 1.25
- Support for Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials Edition (including core mode/KS)
- ServiceTool offers preparation mode for 2012 R2 Essentials Edition
- Possibility to also disable USB Optimization via AudiohpileOptimizer
- JRiver Media Center 17 shell replacement via ServiceTool (pcaudio.kr)
- WASAPI(MMCSS) optimization (relevant for SQ)
- 2 new registry modifications (relevant for SQ)
- Update of OS Checker
- Introduction of Installer (setup.exe)
  - Creates directory C:\AO and C:\AO\Tools
  - Copies AudiophileOptimizer and ServiceTool into AO folder
  - Copies batch and registry files into AO\Tools folder
  - Configures path variable (you can run AO and ST from
     every location/folder inside a command prompt window)
  - Creates start menu folder and links
  - Creates links on Desktop
  - Can be used for inital installation or upgrading existing ones
  - Update of the PDF guide

Version 1.24
- Possibility to optimize USB via AudiophileOptimizer (relevant for SQ)
- USBPAL (RigiSystems) driver support (MYTEK, Audio Research, etc.)
- No Question about USBPAL if selected usage type is ControlPC
- AudiophileOptimizer offers possibility not to disable WMI (Acourate Convolver)
- No reset of Optimizer needed anymore to use additional features of ServiceTool
- Enable, configure and disable autologon via ServiceTool
- ServiceTool can show system and component informations
- Shell replacement via ServiceTool (JRiver 18, 19, Foobar2000 & Total Commander)
- Restore of default shell via ServiceTool (automatically detects core/minimal/GUI)
- ServiceTool no longer deletes Sound Signature and Digital-Filter settings
- ServiceTool now has only three switches to switch modes (core/minimal/gui)
- ServiceTool doesn't start anymore with a full reset of the Optimizer
- ServerManager won't be reenabled by the ServiceTool's reset function
- Update of the PDF guide

 Version 1.23
- Support for Windows Server 2012/R2  Foundation Edition (inlcuding core mode/KS)
- ServiceEnabler is now called ServiceTool
- ServiceTool offers possibility to switch between modes (GUI/core/minimal)
- ServiceTool offers possibility to install/uninstall Wireless-LAN Support
- Minor changes in AudiophileOptimizer
- Update of the PDF Guide

 Version 1.22
- Introduction of Express and Advanced mode
- More file system related optimizations
- CPU related optimizations
- One new Digital-Filter mode (windows system default setting)
- One new Sound Signature (windows system default setting)
- Possibility to enable/disable HPET
- Boot-Manager Text changed to "AudiophileEdition 1.2x"
- Several minor changes
- Update of the PDF Guide
- ServiceEnabler 1.42
- mytek_dac.cmd
- map_drive.cmd

 Version 1.21
- Added Kernel-Streaming support for Windows Server 2012 R2 in core mode
- Added question to install Kernel-Streaming in core mode
- Changes in the logic
- ServiceEnabler 1.40 (support for 2012 R2)
- Minor bug fix

 Version 1.20 RTM
- PDF Guide completely rewritten
- Loop for selection of Sound Signatures / Digital-Filter mode
- Added question to defrag/trim hard drive/SSD

 Version 1.20 RC1
- New Startcreen/Menu for Activation-Key
- ServiceEnabler 1.30
- Update of the PDF Guide
- Automatic Email with Hardware-ID and Activation-Key (after using the self service portal)
- New sound quality relevant feature, CPU-Modes (Mode B=Default)

 Version 1.2b16
- ServiceEnabler 1.20
- Update of the PDF Guide
- One SQ relevant change

 Version 1.2b15
- Bug fix for the new Hardware-ID mechanism
- New registry files included: JPLAY Settings, Autologon & JRiver 19 as shell

- New cmd tools included: show network adapters, set ip address
- Automatic registry backup on first run of the optimizer
- JPLAY service will always start automatically
- Update of the PDF Guide

 Version 1.2b14
- Introduction of web-based activation system (self service portal)
- Introduction of the web-based activation-count (5 activations included per license/year)
- New method to generate Hardware-ID
- The same machine will then always need the same Activation-Key, also if you
  format your hard drive

- Another update of the PDF guide
- Things that will only happen during the first run of the optimizer:
   - Installation of Kernel Streaming support
   - Disabling the firewall
   - Registry performance tuning
   - Disabling and deleting the pagefile
   - Enabling HPET
   - Disabling DEP
   - Disabling Boot-Animation
   - IRQ priorities
   - NTFS optimizations
- Disabling some more drivers when you to disable network related drivers
- Network shares (SMB) will work now if network related services are not disabled
- Support for Foobar2000 in core mode
- Boot-Manager timeout set to 10 seconds
- Minor bug fixes and changes in the logic
- Monitor won't turn off anymore (useful for HDMI audio)
- Optimizer runs a bit faster (1,5 sec wait instead of 2 sec)
- WinMgmt will be disabled again after selection of a sound signature
- Update of OS-Checker
- Service-Enabler 1.1 (now includes reset of optimizer (usage type, etc.))
- SQ relevant changes (100% bit-perfect)

 Version 1.2b13
- AudioPC, ControlPC or SinglePC is now the first question of the AudiophileOptimizer
- Question about AudioPC, ControlPC or SinglePC will only be asked once
- Currently selected sound signature is showed in signature selection screen
- No reboot after selection of sound signature
- Operating System may be installed on another drive than C:\
- No optimization of Pagefile if this has already been done
- New Icon for AudiophileOptimizer
- Update of the PDF guide
- Lot's of small bug fixes
- Introduction of Copy Protection / Offline Activation

 Version 1.2b12
- Added four different Sound Signatures for each usage type (AudioPC, ControlPC & SinglePC)
- Added the Choice to exit the Optimizer after selecting a Sound Signature
- No Choice to exit after Signature selection during first run of AudiophileOptimizer
- Kernel-Streaming won't be installed again if already available
- Performance Tuning via Registry Optimizations
- Optimizer disables all Visual Effects ("Adjust for best Performance")
- Speed of Optimizer adjusted (runs a bit faster)
- Disables auto start of Server Manager (GUI Mode)
- Disables the Shutdown Event Tracker (GUI Mode)
- Disables all auto runs (GUI Mode)
- MenuShowDelay to 20 Milliseconds (GUI Mode)
- Disables User Account Control (GUI Mode)
- Disables Action Center Notification Icon (GUI Mode)
- Disables Clock Notification Icon (GUI Mode)
- Disables Volume, Network and Power Icon (GUI Mode)
- Disables AutoTray (GUI Mode)
- Disables Baloon Tips (GUI Mode)
- Disables Windows Error Reporting
- Disables Windows Prefetching
- Disables BootOptimizationFunction
- Disables Background Auto-Layout
- Disables IPv6 Components
- Better TCP/IP Performance
- Changes in the logic of the AudiophileOptimizer

 Version 1.2b11
- Issues with x86 version of dll files finally resolved
- Kernel-Streaming on fresh Installation Problem fixed
- Added the Build Number to the Boot Manager Text (only used in Dual-Boot Configurations)
- Updated the PDF Guide
- No more Problems after switch back to GUI and Back to Core Edition
- Changes in the logic of the AudiophileOptimizer
- SQ relevant changes

 Version 1.2b10
- Further refinement of the AudiophileOptimizer
- Work on automatic IRQ Optimization (still a long way to go)
- Work on PDF Guide
- Boot Manager Text changed to "Windows Server 2012 audiophile core edition"
- Lot's of changes in the logic of the optimizer
- Added possibility to disable (or not) Plug & Play Service

 Version 1.2b9
- Introduction of ServiceEnabler Tool
- It is possible to switch back to GUI now
- Further refinement of AudiophileOptimizer
- Smaller codebase
- If you choose to disable network services, RDP and remote
  Management get's automatically disabled as well

- Removed option to install experimental WASAPI Support
- Updated the PDF Guide
- Firewire Devices work now

 Version 1.2b8
- Operating System Checker implemented
- Refinement of the AudiophileOptimizer
- Other technical problems resolved
- Optimizer stops now on questions during the second run
- Local admin password does not expire

 Version 1.2b7
- Another small step up in SQ
- A lot of updates in the PDF Guide
- Refinement of the AudiophileOptimizer

 Version 1.2b6
- New Design
- Lots of new tricks (SQ relevant)
- Some Bug fixes
- Work on WASAPI support (core mode)

 Version 1.2b4 & 1.2b5
- Work on WASAPI support (core mode)

 Version 1.2b3
- Fixed Bug with Kernel-Streaming
- Added Registry Keys for DirectSound

 Version 1.2b2
- Support for JRiver Portable Edition on Core Edition
- Work on DirectSound (x86/x64) support
- Added choice if system is ControlPC or AudioPC/SinglePC (relevant for SQ)
- Updated the PDF Guide



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