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STEVEN PLASKIN: "...An Indispensible Piece of Software"

AudiophileOptimizer made a significant improvement to the sound of my music programs when applied to Windows 10 Pro. I have found AudiophileOptimizer to be an indispensible component of my music system and strongly recommend the use of this software. Voices and instruments were superior in terms of focus and resolution without the electronic haze I heard in the unmodified Windows 10 Pro partition. It was hard to go back to listening to the unmodified partition; AudiophileOptimizer is just that effective in transforming the sound heard from a Windows 10 computer.

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HOWARD KNELLER: "...it significantly reduced glare, and created a much more fluid and organic sound."

In a world in which $133 buys you just a handful of hi-rez downloads, Highend-AudioPC’s AudiophileOptimizer is a stone-cold bargain -- and that would still be the case even if AudioPhil charged a lot more for it. If you’re an audiophile looking for a music server, you’ll want to strongly consider one that can run WS 2012 R2, and thus AO. If you want the level of sound quality AO can deliver but go any other route, be prepared to spend a pretty penny. And if you’re a manufacturer of music servers that use Linux, or any other OS that’s not WS 2012 R2 or WS 2012, take notice: Your competition has upped its game.

CHRIS CONNAKER: "...This week I heard the best digital playback I’ve ever heard. Period."

What I found was similar to what many computer audiophiles have been saying for quit a while, the combination of Windows Server 2012 R2 and Audiophile Optimizer is fantastic... Once configured, the PCs were placed in a system with Berkeley Audio Design and Constellation Audio components, and Magico M Project loudspeakers. The sound I heard when the AO optimized PC was played for the first time, and throughout my stay, was stunning. We even had an identical computer setup, but running Windows 7 and without AO and its optimizations, for comparing sound quality. This enabled us to do A/B comparisons between the Windows 7 computer and fully optimized 2012 R2/AO computer with the only difference being the optimization of software. The sonic differences were easily apparent. The optimized computer made it possible to hear the smallest details in recordings at incredibly low volume levels... Everything from soundstage to reverb trails to the ambiance of a concert hall was improved with these software optimizations. On one track the drummer struck a bell and the sound seemed to hang in the air for ever while at the same time being completely distinct from the rest of the sounds. Every instrument had its place and its space. The listening experience was truly something to behold... Based on my experience this week, the sound quality bar has been significantly raised.

Source: Chris Connaker, the creator of the famous CAPS music server series, is the founder and owner of www.computeraudiophile.com (the largest computer audiophile forum in the world). To read the complete article "Audiophile Optimizer Raises The Bar" of Chris please click -> here <-


PS Audio - BHK Signature Amplifier            Constellation Audio - Hercules

BASCOM H. KING: "...get incredible sound out of one's computer system"

For the last 3-4 months, I have been using an older IBM Thinkpad laptop loaned to me by a friend. This machine had been optimized by AudioPhil using his Audio Optimizer program shortly before I received it. The machine is using the Microsoft 2012 Server operating system which is said to sound better than the standard version of Windows. The Audio Optimizer program, among other things, reduces to a bare minimum the number of services of the OS needed to play the audio files and maintain the graphic interface. At any rate, running the JRiver Media Center 19 software, playing various files I have from attached drives to this machine, and coupling its output to the via USB to my Wyred4Sound DAC-2SE, it has provided incredibly good sound comparable and perhaps exceeding in some respects my ModWright OPPO BDP-105 player. I should mention that more modern hardware with purpose-built computers for audio playing used with this software is capable of yet much better sound. I very much recommend using this software to get incredible sound out of one's computer system.  Bascom H. King Consultant, EE

Source: Bascom King, legendary audio critic and even more legendary audio designer of such amps as the Constellation Audio Hercules, the upcoming PS Audio BHK Signature Amplifier and PS Audio Reference Pre-Amp. Plus many other amps and pre-amps from the likes of Genesis, Infinity, Wyred4Sound, Peachtree, and multiple other companies.

SUPRATEK NEWS: Finally - Beautiful Digital Sound

...Very rarely do claims as strong as this live up to the hype, but the moment I first heard the dual pc set up I was bowled over by the immediate and pronounced lack of "digital" sound. It sounded like vinyl, but even better. Amazing resolution, but sweet, a naturalness that made listening a pure pleasure. Now I had all the accuracy and resolution of a hi rez recording but the inviting, pleasurable experience of vinyl sound. I've been listening to the dual pc for a while now and still amazed at the new experience of listening to my digital music collection as if for the first time. 16 bit, 24 bit, 44.1, Hi-rez , DSD , even mp3's sound significantly better.




...All I can say is my music has never sounded better! The biggest things I notice are much more detail but its the overall presentation that has improved dramatically! The soundstage is immense in every direction but what is most interesting is how much more engaging the music is. This is because each instrument is more clearly defined in the soundstage and each note is crisp. The layering of the music is also incredible! Whereas before my music sounded nice, I could just sit back and listen. Now the music is urgent and energetic. I cant help but be fully engaged.


...AO 1.31b9 caps off the SQ ascension.The transparency and sound stage are incredible. I can now place instruments in a 3D space. I've never experienced anything like this in a 2 speaker system. I changed my digital filters to 1A on both machines (like Alrainbow) and these settings give more bass than the 1b/4D I was using. This 2 PC streamer is really sounding great! Phil, your Optimizer just keeps getting better. Thanks for working so hard to continue to improve this great product. 


...I installed AudiophileOptimizer 1.31 BETA 9 along with JPlay6 and am blown away, yet again, by the improvements in the sound. I heard a nice improvement from JPlay6 alone, but as usual, it is AO that elevates the sound quality to levels I've never heard before. Clarity and dimensionality have been even further improved. There's a surprising improvement in fullness of the low frequencies as well... Thanks again Phil!


...I am also a longtime AO beta tester for Phil. This version 1.30 is a marvel. it's not just a lower noise floor and better detail retrieval, it's as though he found a spot where the floor opens up and a cavern has been found. I am hearing micro-detail (air and spatial cues) that simply emanate from a void. These micro-details are neither harsh nor bright; they are natural and they add an additional sense of realism to the music. It's that magical feeling when a recording begins and loads the room, even though no notes have begun. The venue has arrived and taken over the space in your listening environment. That kind of retrieval requires careful OS optimization; it's like Einstein...make it as simple as possible... but no simpler. I'm amazed Phil found more to simplify without going too far. Great job Phil!


...Well it would be an understatement to say I was blown away. This is a really huge improvement in sound quality (imaging/depth and reduction of digital "glare" as well as reduction of noise floor were particularly significant). Big kudo's to AudioPhil and the others here who have supported the development. Best €100 I ever spent, and extremely easy and quick to do (it really doesn't require much technical skill as the documentation is very clear).


...I was fortunate in that I had an older computer that I wasn't using, so I installed the free trials of WS2012 + JRiver on it. Even with no enhancements to the computer and running WS2012 with its full GUI and with no AO, the sound was better than I'd ever heard before. The difference wasn't huge but it was evident. That was in line with what I'd been led to expect. From what I'd read, the biggest gain would come from AO. Also, I had no functional issues. Based on that experience, I decided to go all in... The improvement in sound quality was incredible. I was introduced to a world of musicality that I had no idea that the (flac ripped) CD's I've owned for all of these years contained. The best thing I can say about the AO is that it absolutely lives up to the claims made by its developer, audioPhil, as well as the many users who praised it... However, audioPhil has written very direct and clear instructions for the entire process and following them carefully will lead to success. In hindsight, having done the operation a few times now, the whole thing can be done very quickly (less than 30 mins, including installing WS2012!!)... Others may (strongly) disagree, but I haven't found the return on investment of big dollars into the computer hardware to be worth my while... WS2012/AO is entirely worthwhile, to put it mildly. I feel that I have an advantage over any system that doesn't have it (and that includes most every other system), no matter how advanced or expensive it may be.


...I then proceeded to install AudioPhil's Audiophile Optimizer in GUI mode, then proceeding to core mode. Installation was a breeze (even for a non-IT person). The improvement in sound quality is nothing short of a revelation. Vastly expanded soundstage, transient speed and dynamics, resolution. Instruments and singers now emerge from a completely quiet background with such realism and speed its truly a joy to listen to. The improvement for such a small amount is near the improvement I observed with 10k+ of Shunyata power filters and power cords. Truly a spectacular achievement by AudioPhil and very much appreciated! My only comment to add for further optimization that may work for some -- is I found in Windows 8.1 in the power management scheme settings if I set the Maximum and minimum processor state to 0% there was a nice improvement. Much better than having the processor at 100% or in the high performance setting. Through the command line I did change this setting again to 0 in WS2012 AO again with a nice improvement. Thanks again Phil for all you have done!

...This is a fantastic product and one will never get better support for anything they purchase more than Phil gives you for his €100. In fact it is almost a joke because he will give you more help for stuff that would cost you more than 100 bucks that Microsoft will charge you if you are a computer newbie. I am not a JPlay user, not because I didn't find it a good product. In fact, before MSB came out with their new ASIO driver in May 2013, I was using JPlay in a dual PC setup. With the new driver I find AudioPhil+Core+ASIO+JRiver to be fantastic. The best combination I have heard yet. I highly recommend the product and compliment Phil for his hard work and courteous and quick support when the need arises.


...Moving to a new fan-less PC with Server 2012 made a big difference in my system but moving to AO in Core mode was like ascending to audiophile heaven. It is not just that you hear more details on a blacker back ground. It is also that the music gains an organic and natural presentation. Hearing more details in an edgy system is not a happy thing. With AO in Core mode I now find the music engaging and I think about the music more and the equipment less.


 ..I already thought everything sounded better in Core mode compared to Windows 7. I hear a bigger sound as if I was listening to music at the venue versus sitting in my small listening room. After installing Optimizer I am floored at the organic nature of vocals. I listen to mainly female acoustic and jazz vocals. Voices have a weight and texture that I have only heard on really good tube systems. Everything sounds more 3 dimensional. Incredible. Needless to say I am very pleased! 


...The optimizer has brought about a huge improvement in the quality of sound that I am able to achieve in my system. My initial feedback to you indicated this and during the holiday period, I have had some leave from work and have had the opportunity to listen to the system. I have played albums that I know well as I thought that this would enable me to better judge the benefits that have accrued since installing the optimizer. I don’t think there is a single area of sound reproduction that has not been enhanced. Rather than try to describe these improvements in terms of bass, top end, imaging, separation etc., I think it is best to say that the optimizer has brought me closer to the music and that the qualities that I believed could only be achieved through vinyl replay are now apparent with my PC based digital front end. I probably would not have tried the optimizer for myself, had it not been for the very positive feedback that it was receiving from members of the JPlay forum. I’m glad I tried it out. The optimizer is without doubt, a keeper!


...Once again, I have to say thanks for your product. The improvement it makes is so obvious and dramatic that it seems that it should really be a baseline for serious audiophiles. Without it, the signal is compromised at the outset, before it even gets to your cables, amps & speakers...A richer, more analog sound, quieter background, much greater detail & transparency, but not at the expense of warmth, incredible soundstaging and depth, hearing new details for the first time, etc. What's different about the Audiophile Optimizer is the degree of these changes. Another poster compared it to adding a cost-no-object dcs Scarlatti to your system. I haven't heard a Scarlatti, but I completely understand what he's saying. It seemed like hyperbole, but it's now clear to me what yet another poster meant when he said that even WS2012 (let alone Win7 & Win8) without the Optimizer is relatively "unlistenable". One of the biggest unexpected benefits is that it has largely eliminated the need to seek out my best "audiophile" recordings when I want to hear what my system is capable of. I now hear previously obscured audio quality in all of my music, so now I listen with amazement as I'm able to get so much more enjoyment from what seemed to be just average recordings. Recordings that used to be good now sound amazing...Futhermore, the net effect is not just that my system sounds better, but that my thousands of recordings sound much better that I realized they could.  


...Honestly, I feel like Phil's AO is the best $135-140 I've spent on audio in a long long time.


..If you're using a Windows server, Phil's software is a must. I defy anyone to find a hardware or cable investment that offers the same bang for the buck. Couple that with Phil's friendly and timely responses and I can only say if you don't try his software it's your loss. Products like Phil's have made this hobby more enjoyable than ever for me... and I suspect many others as well.


..Within 24 hours of changing over from a Jplay dual PC W8 setup (sounded pretty good) to a mere WS2012r2 playing Jplay on single Audio PC (sounded noticeably better), to AO applied to WS2012r2 running in GUI edition (better still than without AO), and now everything in core edition, the music playback has been transformed to oh-my-God-I-want-nothing-else state of the art presentation. What phenomenal is all benefits were achieved right on your existing equipment and more than reasonable admission costs. Second, it's highly valuable that Phil's IT professional skills, his passion to not only making perfect music playback but also helping others achieve the audio nirvana no matter if it may cost him time and efforts answering numerous questions, and his noble thus superior attitude of not letting anyone down on the journey toward audio perfection, all those characteristics are combined into a package named AO. Very lately I have been blessed to be aware of AudioPhil's exemplary work evidenced by many passionate and honest testimonials. The hunch that this gentleman is onto something really special, valuable, and a real deal as they say, was so strong in me that I decided to jump onto the WS2012 wagon despite my lack and rusty knowledge of network and computer setup...Without Phil's support, encouragement and technical helps, I don't think I could ever enjoy the audio nirvana within such a short time and minimal cost. I told him then, before, during and even now when the full glory of music has revealed itself in my room, that his contribution to me and many others is many times over what is asking for his AO package. I just hope someone on the fence like me days ago won't miss this extraordinary experience.


...I find it irreplaceable as a tool for getting the best out of one's system. I run a dual pc setup for jplay, with my front-end pc (aka controlpc) a CAPS V2+ (identical to CAPS V3 Lagoon) also serving as my multichannel server. The back-end (aka audiopc) is a Zuma-sized box running i7. Both run Windows Server 2012 and the latest Optimizer, with sonic signatures and digital filters set appropriately. Phil has done an incredible job, and he continues to optimize more and more, all the while leaving us with a tool that does not require a techy background. The Optimizer asks simple questions and then does its thing, whether you are running with a GUI or in core mode (aka dos command mode, as most of us with audiopcs run).


..It's been a long run and I only regret that she won't be here to listen how beautiful music can be...Thank you very much Phil for your support and thank you for this marvellous work! It's difficult for me in a foreign language to express how good it is and now I can only say I feel deeply thrilled.


...I have to say that the sound quality really is top notch... It's definitely something everyone should try even when they think their computers are tuned precisely. I thought my computer was good (and it is, it's level of quality was tough to beat), but using Phil's optimizer in a windows 2012 in core mode...well that's just a nice improvement that really for the price is worth it. Especially when we look at all the money that goes elsewhere....What I really noticed was a clarity and realism in the music that I just didn't have on my customized Win7 box. Along with that is a quickness to the music and an overall power to the sound. Like things are playing with authority! It's very much the "lifting a veil off the speakers" type of thing. 


...After downloading the new version and getting things set up correctly again... I am still completely blown away how good the Win2k12 r2 + AO sounds. I actually had a chance to demo a really solid MAC plus Amarra+ and (I believe but am not 100% postive) all the MAC Audiophile optimizations. One thing we noticed is that AO gives a slightly more "warm" less "digital" feel to the music. The MAC with all it's tweaks was very good, but was a little bit more harsh in my system, little more clynical sounding (maybe digital was the right word). Two things we noticed was that the Win2k12 R2 + AO had a little more "blackness" or "silent" sound to it... when there's nothing in a song, there is NOTHING... Then the big thing we agreed upon that stood out the most is that the AO was quicker in it's presentation. It has a level of speed and quickness that the MAC could not do no matter what we tweaked... Anyways, I just wanted to give Audiophil is credit, where credit is deservedly due!!! I know for most people getting a licensed copy of Win2k12 is expensive...but honestly it's hardly more (with the server build) than a nicely done up MAC that so many people will spend the money on... and in my opinion, I like the ability of the AO to produce my music.


...I finally got around to installing Windows Server 2012 and applying Phil's optimisation software. It definitely lives up to expectations - the documentation is thorough and easy to follow, and the software is comprehensive, tweakable and very well supported. As far as sound goes, moving from tweaked Windows 8 with JRMC 19 to CAD optimised Windows Server 2012 with JRMC 19 (no JPlay by preference) Server 2012 shows a very considerable improvement, a huge difference on the scale of computer software and digital transport. Using the recommended filter and sound signature settings there is incredible timing, definition, detail, and what I can only describe as consistency or stability. If that's not your thing, I'm sure there are other setting that can accommodate individual musicality concerns. Overall definitely worth the price as a versatile and powerful music software, and well worth persevering setting up Windows Server.


..I purchased the optimizer a couple of weeks ago, and I couldn't be more impressed. The software's function is really great, the guide is very thorough, and the sound quality is amazing. Then add in the different flexibility options like sound signatures, and now it's really something special. And if all that's not enough, the level of support from Phil on his product is second to none. Now I feel the ~$100 price is a steal.


...I purchased the Audiophile Optimizer on 12/21/2013 and rebuilt my Windows 8.1 fanless PC to Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard. Followed the user guide from AudioPhil to the letter; including the BIOS setting...After reinstalling the O/S to Server 2012 R2, and again following the instructions to the letter for preparation of the computer to install the AudiophileOptimizer 1.22, the immediate result was astounding. I sat there dumbfounded that recorded music could sound this good...Immediate Audio Nirvana. I texted my friend who has an excellent sounding analog system and told him my new setup will blow his analog out of the water. Folks, don't hesitate, get the AudiophileOptimizer, this is better than adding a dCS Scarlatti in your system.

..This improvement in SQ was revelatory (a category anytime something improves by 25% or more).  Soundstage depth was the biggest improvement, but closely followed by timbre (more colors) leading edge and tonality (accuracy of colors).  PCM piano, never, in my estimation, as good as DSD piano, closed the gap considerably, assuming the recording was up for the task.  Subtle spatial cues required for good soundstage depth now seemed effortless.


..The tonality is warmer, smoother with more grounding deep bass and therefore more realistic in what you could hear in a live performance of classical music...But although it is smoother and warmer, there are more audible details, better separation of instruments, better imaging of space. Also the precision of bass is better. PRAT is excellent...It let me look forward with a little thrill of anticipation – while I'm enjoying the music on this new stage of SQ. Thanks a lot to you, Phil!


...I emailed Phil about the Optimizer and he was kind enough to provide me with a trial version. The optimization process took no more than a couple minutes and after a quick reboot I could play the first track. In short, this product comes as advertised: no harshness or iciness, very fluid and organic, MUSICAL presentation, bigger soundstage and, as it is more often the case with analog; I could easily forget I was listening to my system and was captivated by the music instead. This resulted in a totally relaxing experience, a genuine moment of pleasure and escape, which I believe is what this hobby is all about. Add to this an incredible support from Phil and you have an essential product to achieve ultimate SQ from a computer based system.  


..Phil, your work on this is amazing.  As you may recall, I was a Java developer (I now manage developers).  And I'm astounded at the ground you have covered in such a short time.  And that's even if the sound quality wasn't there. But the sound quality is beyond everything I have ever heard before.  As I posted on the JPlay forum, I once had over $25,000 invested in just the front end of my sound system.  But no music that system ever produced sounded as good as what I get with your software.  You find yourself trying to listen to the system, but ultimately you simply fall into the music every time. Thank you so much!         


..Just a quick thank you to AudioPhil for such sterling work...The depth and richness of tone is hugely impressive. Clarity and detail in voices is magical and I find myself using those words and for the first time realising I have really made it to that point.  


..I have to take a minute to publicly thank Audiophil (aka Phil) for the not good, not great, but absolutely remarkable help he gave me today. A great program coupled with a terrifically service oriented programmer. It's hard to get better than that.


...I thought there wouldn't be much to gain by adding an extra PC to my WAV playback "chain" with JPlay, but as JPlay 5.2 was recently released I accidentally read about people's experiences with using Windows Server 2012 in "core" mode combined with AudioPhil's AudiopileOptimizer package (enables Kernel Streaming in "core" mode). I decided to "refurbish" an old 2007 laptop with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor... It was past midnight before the "Audio PC" project was finished, but the sound was so engaging, so natural and "smooth" that I couldn't stop listening for 2 hours! The "digital harshness" of WAV playback seems to be gone. Adding the "Audio PC" has brought SQ to another level in my rather simple system. I find myself listening to music a lot more these days. I'm sure AudioPhil will assist you in making it happen. His AudiophileOptimizer software, and not to forget his accompanying installation GUIDE is available at Highend-AudioPC....Well worth the investment! 


..I must say I am really excited about what is now possible with WS2012 core and the optimizer. The sound is awesome – I mainly play classical music and the details of the instruments and their placement, voices, soundstage, fabulous bass, depth – unbelievable.


..then installed the 1.2b9 script. Wow. Converting to core made a significant difference but this was huge. Clearer, more real and more powerful, especially bass and drums.  


..We all know very well that every part in the audio setup plays significant role in creating enjoyable Audio and I’m sure that AudioPhil’s WS2012 optimization is very important part of it! Phil, thank you for your excellent work!


..Aside from the sheer clarity and openness the soundstage was wide and the sound very natural. I could imagine the players in the studio performing and interacting with one another.


..I have upgraded to b13 this week and the sound is incredible!  It is better than the CD front end that I once had which cost over $10K.


..less digital harsh type noise, quieter background (very strange experience at first because I thought it was pretty good before) and a very different soundstage shape size which i'm still getting used to…more news as it all burns in. All in all WOW!


..but the depth,detail and richness on this one I have never heard...What an achievement kudos to Phil for producing such great work.The instructions also are really comprehensive and very clear.


..This is the best pc-sourced audio I've heard, and is now approaching the best dedicated (expensive) sources I've heard. Naim CDS555 is my personal benchmark for redbook playback. With a couple of lashed up generic pc's, a Buffalo dac and (for now) a Hiface I am beginning to hear a closing of the gap to the Naim spinner.


..The sound quality I am getting is a revelation, and proof that Phil is the Man!! :) It is so evident that when the OS is more stable and just playing music (Phil's  OS  + JPlay) what happens..Yes you can just play it louder and louder. The sound is so well defined top to bottom and relaxed, with a holographic image. Time to shut up and just listen!


..I just had a chance to listen to Phil newest ver b13 and it is just mind blowing again...Listened to Chie Ayado and piano notes are so real and deep,holographic image enhance even more.


..sound is more an more "analogical" (meaty?), however it is much detailed on the entire sound band from basses to trebles. SQ is really "emotion guaranteed" ready.

..I've done my first ever Win Server 2012 load and would like to acknowledge the quality of your notes Phil – they are excellent, went very smoothly


..Yesterday I installed Windows Server 2012 Standard in core mode and the Optimizer script. Phil, your pdf guide is easy to use and very well written. The sound quality is outstanding and very analog.  


..Just installed 1.2b10 … I have never heard the Concertgebouw Orchestra recordings sound so well-articulated, unbelievable…Thanks Audiophil, please continue your journey.

..Now I've tried 1.2b10. constantly better and better....I hear voices I've never heard. According to me, a revolution in the world of audiophile, this study. 

..I have successfully installed 1.2b11 and I have to say that sounds very, very well. My hifi system has never sound good like now.  

..I could not believe that my bookshelf's can sound so full and deep. Music is coming not from my speakers, but it is just here all around my room. Quite an audiophile feeling. 


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